10 Advices for myself


1. Be kind. But not too kind.

2. If you feel you’ve been hurt, you’re hurt. Period. No one else is allowed to tell you how much you’re allowed to hurt.

3. Make the blame. But also take the blame.

4. People are gonna call you, “Crazy” and “Weird” and “Mad” for doing your own thing. Take the compliment.

5. Everyone’s first priority is their own selves. So put yourself first no matter what.

6. If you like that notebook, buy it. So what if you have more than enough empty pages back home? More the merrier.

7. Write. Draw. Sing. Dance. Act. Cry. Laugh. Curse. Do whatever the fuck you want. So long as it doesn’t affect them, no one has the right to complain against it.

8. The world is full of hypocrites. You may even find one in the mirror at times. But it’s alright.

9. Whatever you do, don’t put reins on your dreams. Dreams are the only highways with an infinite horizon that holds the impossible.

10. Laugh. Keep laughing. Happy is your best look.

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